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Book Week Parade

Our Book Week dress up parade and morning tea was an outstanding success. Many thanks go to Mrs Miller, Mrs Cabrera, Mrs Melanko and all our staff for organising and supporting this exciting activity as well as the book sale which has been happening over the week. Book Week is a great way to promote books and reading. Many thanks also go to all the parents and family members who attended the parade and the morning tea afterwards. Finally, thanks go to our wonderful students who took the time to show their love of reading by dressing up for today's parade. Thank you to everyone who supported the Scholastic Book Fair. 

Robotics Training  Program

This term our year 4, 5 and 6 students were given the opportunity to be involved in the first ever Robotics Training Program at Ashdale Secondary College. Students were asked to apply for the program and these are the talented students who were selected! These students will visit the high school every Thursday and work with the ICT specialist class to be up-skilled in using some of the new digital technologies which are available to schools in the cluster. At the end of the program they will be able to share this new knowledge with their peers at Madeley Primary School.

Science Week

Science Week is over for another year and what a good week it was.

In the Science room, children explored our own water use and how we can reduce the amount we each use. They identified different ways we use and save water in our gardens. They measured water quantities to physically see how much we may be using. They predicted and experimented to find out what happens to water when it rains on different surfaces and some invented water saving devices for use in the home.

We had a visitor from the Water Corporation who involved the children in discussions and activities on water conservation and we all learnt a little more about what we can do to ensure our water supply is still available for future generations. So, when your child tells you that you are not allowed to turn on the sprinklers until September 1st and that if it’s raining you don’t need to turn them on at all, go outside with them and count how many sprinklers you have. They can tell you that each sprinkler uses about 10 litres of water every minute and then they can do the calculations for how much water you use everytime you put your sprinklers on.

Thankyou to all the families and children who entered the daily puzzle challenge. Each day, all of the correct entries were put into a draw and one child was selected. The winning children listed below will need to see Mrs Jones in the Science Room to collect their prize.

Tuesday - Emily GLA1

Wednesday – Parsa MLA2

Thursday – Leija MLA4

Friday – Joanna DLA3

The Science Room is also decorated with some amazing creations at the moment. All the children who entered the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle competitions did an amazing job and judging them was very difficult. Scroll down through the pictures and see what amazing things were entered.

Jump, Throws, 400m and 800m Y3-Y6


Thank you and a wonderful effort to all Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students who tried out for the Jump, Throws, 400m and 800m Faction event.


It was a fine and sunny day for the Jump, Throws, 400m and 800m selected students faction event on the 23rd August, congratulations and well done for participating.


Faction Cross Country

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the cross country. The cross country is a challenging event so well done on completing the course. Thank you to all the staff for their help and the parents who attended to cheer on their children. 

Well done and congratulation to those selected students who participated in the Interschool Cross Country on the 4th August.

STEM Competition

This term we held a STEM poster competition. Students were asked to design a poster which represented one of the key roles in STEM

There were many creative and innovative posters which made selecting a winner a very difficult task. I would like to thank all students for their time and effort in creating their posters. 

These winning entries will have their poster reproduced and displayed in each classroom across the school. Their posters will also be featured as part of the Madeley STEM Expo display at Ashdale Secondary College in August. For posters click here

Young Engineer

On Tuesday the 8th August the Year 3 students from GLA3 were fortunate enough to be involved hands on, interactive Lego workshop run by Young Engineers. Our students learnt about forces and how to follow a specific set of instructions. They then built a "chair o plane" in small groups using Lego. Once students had constructed their chair o plane and could show that they could operate it manually, they were then able to use a motor to attempt to control their chair. Students worked together to help each other with the Lego construction and used excellent problem solving and communication skills to overcome any difficulties they may have had. It was a fun and interactive morning.