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Below are posts from Term 1 newsletters which contain important information for parents/carers and community members.

Newsletter 5  - 7th April 2017

Term 1 in Review

First Term has come and gone so quickly and everyone is looking forward to a well-earned rest. The term commenced with the opening of Carnaby Rise Primary School which has now joined our very successful Ashdale Cluster of schools. Our student leaders have been very busy organising and running various activities around the school such as our sustainability initiatives. They also participated in a very popular training day. We had a strong focus on helping students understand bullying and how to address it and participated in the National Day of Action Against Bullying. Students enjoyed some wonderful events such as the Making Friends Incursion, Harmony Day, WA Police Pipe Band and today’s ANZAC Day ceremony.

The P&C met twice and organised our highly successful Easter on the Green. They raised additional funds through a sausage sizzle and cake stall at the State Election. Our School Board had its first meeting and we welcomed new members including Mark Paulton (parent), Clare Barnes (staff), Sally Price (staff) and Karin Villemin-Bolt (staff). Paul Thomas also took over as the School Board Chair. We look forward to the ongoing work of the Board as we move through 2017 and beyond.

All up, it has been a wonderful term!

Easter on the Green

This year’s event was amazing! We want to thank all the hard work of our P&C, our staff and students who contributed and everyone who came along and supported the school on the night. We also want to recognise the businesses and groups that sponsored this year’s event. A complete list can be found on Carolyne’s April 1 post on the P&C Facebook page:

“The preliminary tally is in and we made over $10,500 for the school! $3365 for the classroom stalls and $7141 for the P&C. We also have more donations coming in next week which is fantastic, all in all a very successful night!”


The ladies in our Canteen do an amazing job week in and week out and we thank them for their efforts. This week you would have received a post on Connect from our P&C stating that the canteen needs more support if it is to remain viable. Please check out the Connect notification, consider how you can help and let the relevant people know. Many thanks go to the parents who have already made comments or indicated their willingness to help out on the Connect notification.

School Board

At last week’s School Board meeting we welcomed our new Board Chair as well as new parent and staff members. During the meeting the 2016 Annual Report was discussed. The Annual Report was sent out via Connect and is now posted on the school website and Department Portal. The Board also talked about the One to One Program, LOTE and Connect. The Minutes of the meeting will be posted onto the school website. Parents are always welcome to come along to Board meetings to see and hear what we do. The next meeting is scheduled for June 21 at 5:30pm.

2016 Annual Report


We have had a lot of positive feedback regarding the use of Connect since it was introduced a few weeks ago. The website and app have provided new ways that communication between home and school can occur. Over the next few months you will begin to see that the Connect School Space is our main tool for communication so it is essential that you have it set up and working. If you are not sure about this please contact the school office. Support documents are attached once again to this newsletter.

The school will be working with teachers to help them develop ways that Connect can be used in their classrooms. Some teachers are already using Connect. Please talk to your child’s teacher about whether they will be using Connect this year.


How to Use The Connect Now App

Example Connect for Parents

Connect Now Flyer


The staff would like to wish all of our students and their families a safe and happy school holiday. We ask that parents keep an eye on our school over the holidays and report any suspicious activity to Education Security on 92644632 or the Police on 131444. School returns on Monday April 24. 

Newsletter 4  - 24th March 2017

Just Imagine

Imagine what the world would be like if the Golden Rule was adopted by everyone on the planet. If everyone got up in the morning with a desire to ‘treat others the way they want to be treated’ we would see a very different world than what we do today. Imagine if people actively practiced ‘patience’ and ‘kindness’ and looked for positive ways to solve the problems they have with others rather than resorting to verbal or physical violence. That would be a world worth pursuing. Some argue that this idea is too ‘pie in the sky’ and will ‘never happen’. Perhaps this is true, but at Madeley Primary School we believe it is still worth the effort. 

Here at Madeley we believe that it is worth the effort to teach children to treat others with kindness and respect even when this is not reciprocated. We believe that our moral imperative is to help children care about themselves, about others and about the community and world in which they live. We believe that teaching students to be responsible for what they say and do is important and that they can learn to think and act in ways that benefit themselves and their community. We believe in giving every child multiple opportunities to ‘get it wrong’ and then to use these ‘failures’ as a stepping stone for learning. This applies to the learning of behaviour just as much as to curriculum areas like English and Mathematics.

Is this job of ours easy? Will it result in instantly changed behaviour? The short answer is ‘of course not’. 

Adults and children alike come with beliefs, feelings, negative thought patterns and behaviours which are a result of their life experience as well as their genetics. Changing behaviour begins with addressing beliefs and the thinking around these beliefs. When we fail to believe what is true than we will think the wrong things. Errant thinking results in feelings which in turn impact on how we behave. Our approach to ‘behaviour management’ involves ‘positive education’ where students are counselled through behavioural difficulties. We prefer not to use a ‘carrot and stick’ approach (rewarding students for behavioural compliance or handing out quick and easy punishments for failure) as this does little to teach and modify behaviour. 

If you would like more information or to talk about our approach please feel free to make a time to chat with me.


It is essential that the communication channels between home and school are open and well maintained. This term we have held an Information Night and a number of classes have conducted additional information sessions for parents. We have also introduced the Madeley Primary School Space on Connect which provides an online tool for regular communication and discussion. In the past 7 days the School Space has had the following activity:

  • 42 parents have viewed Notices that were posted with 6 comments being made
  • 29 parents have viewed items placed in the Library
  • 57 parents have viewed discussions that have been posted with 6 comments being made

There are 615 parents currently subscribed to the School Space on Connect which indicates that only around 9% have accessed the site in the past 7 days. In the interests of open and regular communication the school strongly recommends that every parent gets to know the Connect site and checks it on a weekly basis. There is also a Connect Now app available which will send you push notifications whenever something is posted. It also allows you to comment on posts. Please be involved by being informed. Attached to this newsletter is a brochure about Connect and the Connect Now app.

How to Use The Connect Now App

Example Connect for Parents

Easter on the Green

We are very excited about the annual Easter on the Green which will be held between 5 and 8pm on March 31st. Our P&C have been working hard to make this the best Easter on the Green ever. Everyone should have received some information about the event by now. You can also visit the P&C’s Facebook page for information.

P&C Meeting

Our next P&C meeting will be held on March 29th commencing at 7:30am in the Staffroom. Every parent or carer is welcome and encouraged to attend. Your P&C is a group of dedicated parents working to make our school better for your kids so please consider coming along and joining in.

School Board

Our next School Board meeting will be held on March 29th commencing at 5:30pm. Parents who are interested in what the School Board does are welcome to come along to the meeting. The agenda for the meeting will see us discussing the following things:

  • School budget for 2017
  • Board membership – we have a new parent member and three new staff members
  • Feedback on the Ashdale Cluster School Board meeting
  • Review of the 2016 Annual Report
  • One to One Program
  • Languages Other Than English which commences in 2018

The Importance of Diet to School Performance

A quick Google search using the above title will give you a vast amount of information around the importance of diet and nutrition when it comes to school performance. Here is a link to one interesting article The information in the article speaks for itself….

  •  “…nutritional status can directly affect mental capacity among school-aged children.”
  • “Good nutrition helps students show up at school prepared to learn.”
  • “…malnutrition leads to behaviour problems, and that sugar has a negative impact on child behaviour.”
  • “…Researchers generally find that a higher quality diet is associated with better performance…”

Our students need to come to school being well nourished. When they are at school they need appropriate food so that they have the best opportunity to concentrate and behave appropriately. What you pack in your child’s lunchbox is one of the many ways that you help them to learn and achieve their best.

Community Chest Darch SUPA IGA

We would like to say a big Thank You to Darch Supa IGA who have kindly donated $1,000 from their Community Chest to go towards Madeley Primary School Nature Play Area.


Newsletter 3  - 10th March 2017


We are connect

Last week all of our parents were sent log in details for Connect. This tool is just another way that we are trying to strengthen communication between home and school.

Our School Space on Connect will provide parents with up to date information about activities and events. It will provide opportunity for discussion and feedback and includes space for important documents to be stored and accessed.

Like all new things, it will take a little time for parents to become familiar with the way the Connect site is organised and navigated. I encourage you to take the time to log into Connect and familiarise yourself with how it works. Attached to this newsletter are flyers which highlight the key features of Connect as well as the Connect Now App.

Some teachers are also using Connect to keep parents informed about what their children are doing in class. I hope that more teachers will start to use Connect over the next year. If you want to know how your child’s teacher plans to use Connect please make a time to meet with them.

How to Use The Connect Now App

Example Connect for Parents

Student Leaders

Today our Student Leadership team are with me at the 2017 GRIP Conference. This is an exciting event which involves student leadership teams from across Perth. The skills that students’ will develop from this event will help them as they work in our school throughout 2017

Interschool Cricket

Our T20 Interschool Cricket teams are competing in an interschool competition today at Kingsway Reserve. Ms Kekula and Mr Taddei have been preparing our Year 5/6 students for this exciting event and we wish them all the best for a great day.

Sponsor Child

In 2015 our Student Council began sponsoring a child through Save the Children Australia. Our sponsor child’s name is Nazma and she lives in Bangladesh with her mother and father. Our sponsorship helps provide Nazma with health, education, child protection and humanitarian response programs she needs. This sponsorship is a very practical way in which students demonstrate our golden rule “Treat others as you would like them to treat you.”

Letters from students and their families can be forwarded to Nazma through the office. Attached to this newsletter is a recent letter we received from Nazma.




Letter from Nama






Our P&C plays a vital role in our school and in the Madeley community. Without them we would not have a canteen or many of the additional resources and equipment that we currently enjoy. The school has a vision to build an amazing ‘Nature Play Space’ but without fundraising which will come from the P&C this will not be possible. Volunteering to be part of the P&C is something every parent should seriously consider. There is plenty of support for those who choose to get involved as well as the opportunity to make new friends and build contacts in the community. Most importantly, your contribution will make a difference for your kids both now and in the future.

Please come along to the next meeting on March 29 and consider getting involved. 



Newsletter 2  - 24th February 2017


At Madeley Primary we are trying to establish multiple ways in which parents and community members can communicate with our school. For this reason I am pleased to announce that the Connect ‘School Space’ is being implemented in our school. Connect is an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. The ‘School Space’ on Connect will provide another way for us to share information about events, activities, policy and procedures as well as promote discussion and obtain feedback from parents and carers.

How will parents access Connect?

Next week each parent/carer will be given their own secure login to Connect. Connect is totally free and, because it is provided by the Department of Education, very safe. As well as being able to login to Connect on any internet-enabled device, you may also receive notices from Connect that will be sent to you as either an email or a notification on your phone. A free app called Connect Now can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store and will let you receive Connect notices as push notifications.

If you have multiple children you only need one login – even if your children attend different public schools.

A few of the teachers at our school already use Connect as part of their teaching and learning programs. This will provide parents and carers with varying degrees of information depending on how the teacher chooses to use Connect with their class. Teachers who use Connect will keep you informed about ways it will be implemented in their classroom. Check out this short video clip.

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and see it as an exciting new way for you to stay in touch with your child’s school journey.

After School Play

Earlier this week another injury occurred to a child while playing on school playground equipment after the final siren. As the person who is responsible for the safety of everyone who is on the school site I take these incidents very seriously. While we are fully aware that injuries can take place whenever children play it is essential that adequate supervision and care is provided while on school grounds and using school equipment. Last year a letter was sent home to all parents outlining the rules for students and parents who chose to remain on the school site to socialise and play. These rules have been updated and are provided below.

  1. Children must be under direct (line of site) supervision of their parent/carer.
  2. No ball games are to be played inside the school fence. The oval is available for ball games.
  3. Regular school rules and common sense apply during play:
    - No running on paved areas
    - No climbing or standing on the top of equipment
    - Safe and sensible play always
    - No throwing of sand or moving of sand outside the play area
  4. Parents are responsible for monitoring and controlling play to ensure it is safe
  5. Under no circumstances are children or adults permitted to re-enter buildings after school. This includes the use of toilets.
  6. Behavioural issues that occur as a result of students remaining onsite are the responsibility of the parent/carer.
  7. The Kindergarten/Pre-primary play area rules include:
    i. Students are not permitted to use any portable/loose equipment
    ii. The nature play space is out of bounds to all students
    iii. No chasey
    iv. No running on the pavement
    v. No water to be taken from the drink fountains
    vi. No climbing up the slide
    vii. Only 4 in the cubby at a time


New students and those who have been using a cap have now been provided a free broad-brimmed hat from the school. These hats offer the best sun protection and are recommend by the Cancer Council. Lost hats can be replaced by purchasing through the Uniform Shop.


Madeley Primary School promotes open communication between school and home. There are various avenues for communication to take place depending on its intent and purpose. The school Facebook page exists as a means of sharing school information and activities with the community. Its main purpose is to build community understanding and promote school spirit by highlighting all the great things that are being done here. Facebook is not the forum for raising and discussing issues, problems, concerns and/or disagreements that may occur or for discussing school policy and procedures. School staff are always available to work through issues or concerns or to discuss school policy via face to face meetings. Attached to this newsletter is a ‘Code of Conduct’ for the use of our school Facebook page.


This year we are focusing on raising community awareness of bullying, what it is, its various forms and how it can be managed in a positive way. While we don’t find that bullying is a widespread problem at Madeley we know that it occurs from time to time. Our belief is that bullying is never okay. Our biggest challenge around bullying is helping students and parents accurately recognise it. ‘Bullying’ is regularly used to explain any altercation or disagreement that occurs between students. With further investigation most reported incidents do not constitute bullying. Below are links to videos that have been shared with students at our past two mini-assemblies. Our teachers will also promote regular discussion with students around this topic and subsequent newsletters will contain information for parents. Additional information can be found below.

Newsletter 1 - 10 February 2017

Welcome back! This is our first newsletter for 2017 and we want to welcome everyone back to Madeley Primary School for Term 1. A special welcome goes to new students and staff. This year we have Ms Shannon Kekula joining us on teacher exchange from Canada. Shannon comes from Saskatoon which is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. She will be teaching Physical Education and Health Education. We are also joined by Ms Jenny Wheeler who will be working to support students in the early years of schooling. Both these ladies are very experienced teachers and we look forward to their work at Madeley.

This fortnightly newsletter is a critical communication tool. Surveys conducted last year indicate that our newsletter is one of the most effective ways of sharing information with our community so it is important that you always let us know if you change your email address so you will never miss a copy. Hard copies are also available for those without regular access to a computer.

As we start a new year it is important to refresh memories. Below is some information that is important for you to remember…

Positive Education

At Madeley Primary School we are working hard to fully implement the Western Australian Curriculum. One element of this curriculum is the development of personal and social capabilities:

“personal and social capability assists students to become successful learners, helping to improve their academic learning and enhancing their motivation to reach their full potential. Personal and social capability supports students in becoming creative and confident individuals with ‘a sense of self-worth, self-awareness and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing’, with a sense of hope and ‘optimism about their lives and the future’. On a social level, it helps students to ‘form and maintain healthy relationships’ and prepares them ‘for their potential life roles as family, community and workforce members’ (MCEETYA 2008, p.9).”

The school uses the “Play is the Way” philosophy and program as the basis for managing student behaviour. This program is important as it enables us to teach key areas contained with the Personal and Social Capability. These include:

  • Recognising and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Understanding self
  • Developing self-reflection
  • Developing self-discipline
  • Building the capacity to show initiative and work independently
  • Developing confidence, resilience and adaptability
  • Recognising and appreciating the perspectives of others
  • Contributing to civil society
  • Understanding and building positive relationships
  • Developing effective communication
  • Working collaboratively
  • Making strong decisions
  • Negotiating and resolving conflict

For more information about the Play is the Way program talk to your child’s teacher or visit the link below.

Click here to visit the Play is the Way website

Strengthening Literacy Instruction

The school is seeking to strengthen the Literacy curriculum by implementing the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Program as well as the ‘Words Their Way’ Program.

Letters and Sounds is designed to help teachers teach children how the alphabet works for reading and spelling by:

  • Fostering children’s speaking and listening skills as valuable in their own right and as preparatory to learning phonic knowledge and skills;
  • Teaching high quality phonic work at the point they judge children should begin the programme. For most children, this will be the age of five with the intention of equipping them with the phonic knowledge and skills they need to become fluent readers by the age of seven.

Words Their Way is a teacher-directed, student centred approach to vocabulary growth and spelling development whereby the students engage in a variety of sound, pattern and meaning activities, sorting pictures and words.

School Board

Our School Board is an important group of parents and staff who review and create policy and set directions for the school. This year, we have a vacancy on the Board which we need to fill. I encourage all parents to consider nominating for this important position. A request for nominations has been included with this newsletter. Please think about this opportunity and give me a call if you would like additional information. Nominations close at 3.00pm on 24th February.

Current School Board members include:

  • Mike Kelly – Chairperson
  • Paul Wright – P&C Rep
  • Nicole Forrest
  • Siobhan Jones
  • Paul Thomas
  • Dee Randall – Staff
  • Michelle Horrocks – Staff
  • Stephen Bevan – Principal


Our Assemblies this year will be held on Fridays. Further information will be advised regarding the dates of Classroom Presentation Assemblies.

Parents and Citizens (P&C)

Our P&C meets twice per term and is highly active in supporting our school. Without our P&C we would not have a canteen and would miss out on many additional resources which they help us purchase through fundraising every year. Our P&C has also been proactive in lobbying state and local government to support our school e.g. it was the work of members of the P&C that helped get a crosswalk on Hartman Drive. Every parent can contribute to our P&C, it is not hard, all you need to do is come along to meetings and get involved. Their next meeting is on Tuesday 14th February at 7:00pm in the Staffroom.


Safe and legal parking is an ongoing issue in our school. Student and staff safety are critical so we again remind all parents to do the right thing by driving and parking safely and legally around our school. Kiss-and-Drive bays are not for parking and should be vacated as quickly as possible so as to maintain the flow of traffic. Parking in the driveway of the Kindergarten car park is also illegal and has resulted in safety concerns as well as damaged cars. Please be patient and wait until a car bay becomes available. Patience, kindness and respect are all virtues we need to model when driving around our school.

School Times

The first bell goes at 8:50am. We ask that students are not left at the school before 8:15am as adequate supervision cannot be provided. Students who arrive early are required to wait outside the Principal’s office until they are released to their classes at around 8:30am. Students are not permitted to play ball games, use playground equipment or their personal laptop computers before school unless directed by their classroom teacher. Students waiting outside my office should be sitting or standing quietly talking with friends or reading a book.

When students arrive late they must attend the office and have their lateness recorded in the school database, this is where Class Teachers and Administration are able to refer to Attendance Records. Continual lateness is detrimental to academic achievement so please try to be on time.

Kindergarten finishes at 3:00pm and Pre-Primary – Year 6 students finish at 3:05pm. Please note that the whole school closes at 2:30pm on Wednesdays. It is important that students are picked up on time. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to wait around the boundary of the school for parents who are late. These students must be collected from the office.

Student Absences

It is a legal requirement that all absences from school be adequately explained. This can be done using the ‘Absentee Form’ link on the school newsletter or via written note, email ( or verbally. It is also a legal requirement that extended absences through family holidays or activities be approved by the Principal. Please email requests to me

Rules for Visits

If you need to enter the school outside the normal drop off and pick up times we require that you come through the office first to let us know. We need to know who is in the school in case of emergencies and for the general safety of our students, staff and property.

Uniforms and Hats

Our School Board has endorsed the school uniform which includes a broad-brimmed hat. The wearing of school uniform is compulsory as it promotes pride and community cohesion. A team of volunteer parents operate our Uniform Shop in liaison with the school office. New and second hand uniforms are available to be purchased. If you are having trouble purchasing uniforms due to the cost please contact the office in order that we can discuss possible ways to assist. Students are not permitted to play in the sun if they do not have a hat. This rule applies year round so please ensure your child has their hat every day. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled so they can be returned if lost.

Students must wear shoes at all times when at school. It is recommended that students wear closed in shoes e.g. sneakers as these provide greater protection and grip when playing sport and games.

Lost Property

The Lost Property box is outside the Undercover Area (AAA). Students and parents should check this for lost items and only take things that belong to them. Unclaimed school uniform items are eventually passed onto the Uniform Shop to be recycled or thrown away. Please remember to label your child’s clothing, so they can be returned to their classrooms.

Mobile Phones

It is not recommended that primary school children be regularly using mobile phones. However, some parents provide phones so that students can contact them after school. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during school hours. Phones should be given to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day and then collected at the end of the day. Students seen using mobile phones will have them confiscated and returned to their parent/s.

Positive Communication, Social Media and Internet Safety

It is essential that parents use social media in a positive way, ensuring that they communicate positive messages and not use it as a means of making complaints. From time to time you may have a problem about something that has happened in school which you would like addressed. The best way to achieve a positive outcome is to come and talk with us. Posting negative comments on Facebook can only lead to greater problems and does not lead to matters being resolved.

It is also important that parents do not allow their children to have a social media account. Facebook and other social media providers have rules which restrict the use of their site by those under 13. If your child has created an account then they have lied about their age and are in breach of the terms and conditions of the site. I have worked in many schools and have had to deal with a multitude of issues caused by students (and parents) using social media inappropriately. It is the onus of all parents to ensure that their children are monitored and remain safe when using any device that allows access to the internet. The school has a Facebook page which we use to communicate with parents and the community. The P&C also has a Facebook page. We love providing you with information and photos of the great things happening in our school on Facebook so please ‘like’ our page for regular posts.

Parent Information Meetings

I hope that you are able to attend one of the information sessions provided by staff. If you missed a session please arrange a time with your child’s teacher to find out what you missed. Parents are reminded that they can make an appointment to meet with their child’s teacher any time during the year. The best way to do this is by contacting the office, by talking to the teacher directly or emailing the teacher with a request. All staff have a Department of Education email account –

We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing together. Please look for ways that you can stay involved in the life of our school as we need you to partner with us to make Madeley the best school in the state!