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 Newsletter 5 - 30th June 2017

Term in Review

The final day of Term 2 is here and what a busy term it has been. Some of the bigger activities that many students have participated in this term included:

  •  Swimming lessons
  •  NAPLAN assessments
  • School Production
  •  National Walk Safely to School Day
  •  Fun Run
  •  Lightening Sports Carnivals
  •  Cluster Muster
  •  Card Club
  •  Buddy Club
  •  Class excursions
  •  Trash Free Tuesdays
  •  Fundraisers – Pirate Day Friday, Years 6 Cake Sale, Sci-Fi Dress Up

We are very proud of the work that has been done by everyone this term. Congratulations and thanks for all your efforts!

Student Reports

Reports were sent home on Wednesday. It is essential that you spend time reading your child’s report with them and talking about their successes and where they can make improvements. If you are surprised or concerned by anything in your child’s report please make a time to meet with their teacher in Term 3.

What to do if you see a behaviour problem

When you are dropping off or picking up your child you may from time to time see some student behaviour that you do not agree with. If this occurs your only course of action is to report it to a teacher. Parents are not permitted to approach students to address behaviour under any circumstances.

Parking on Paths

There are a number of parents who are parking illegally on or across paths around the school. The Ranger has been notified and will issue infringements for parents who are caught. Please consider the safety of all our students by being patient and parking legally.

ECU Pre Service Teachers

Today we say good bye to a number of pre-service teachers from Edith Cowan University. We are thankful to them for all their hard work and wish them the best for their future career in teaching.

Introducing our School Board

We are introducing a different Board member in each newsletter this term. Today I would like to introduce you to our first staff member on the Board, Clare Barnes.


For those who do not know me, my name is Clare Barnes. I joined Madeley Primary School as a foundation member in 2009. My teaching experience is wide, holding both teaching and administrative positions in primary and secondary schools. My teaching career started in England and I have loved being in Western Australia for the past twenty years. I am married to Bob and our four children are keeping us busy with a growing number of grandchildren.

I have a passion for teaching and just love being involved in helping and guiding the students to reach their full potential both academically and emotionally.

I joined the Madeley School Board because I am dedicated to serving, teaching and engaging all of the children in the school regardless of ability and background. I am self-reflective and look for ways to improve, providing all the students with the best possible school environment to optimise learning. I know that being an integral member of the community, balancing the needs and the long term implications of the school policy for our students is important for success and to be ready for the 21st century. I know that my professional poised demeanour, commitment and respect for diverse points of view will be valued.

My aspirations for Madeley Primary School are to ensure that a keen eye is kept serving the educational and pastoral needs of all our students regardless of abilities and backgrounds, democratically acting strategically in line with the interests of the whole school community.

Anxiety in Primary School Students

Anxiety affects people from all walks of life, and lots of kids have it. If that is happening in your family, your child is lucky that you know, care, and are seeking answers. Click this link to read an interesting article from the Parenting Ideas website about how you can help if your child is anxious.


Newsletter 4 - 16th June 2017

 School Production

 Many thanks go to all our students and staff for the amazing show they provided on Monday and Tuesday night this week. Special thanks go to Ms Kane who directed and managed the production. Ms Kane poured her heart and soul into every aspect of the production and needs to be congratulated for her efforts. I also want to recognise the work of specific staff and students at Ashdale Secondary College who provided us with a wonderful venue and gave up their time to help with our performance on both nights. This included Terry Pirlo and Sherree Gull as well as some of their performing arts students. Finally, thanks go to our P&C who provided refreshments and to Ms Cawthorne who provided a cupcake stall. Together an amazing community event was conducted…great work everyone!!

 Talking to Children about Terrorism

 As a parent of four children with one still at primary school I know it is challenging to find ways to talk with them about the bad things we see happening around us in the world. Our news is full of events and incidents that model for us the very worst of human nature. The issue of ‘terrorism’ is firmly in our minds as we see all of the recent events unfolding in England and I know that this kind of news will continue well into the future. The question is ‘how do we talk to our children about terrorism?’ I came across a useful blog post by Michael Grose who is the founder of ‘Parenting Ideas’ and a leading educator in parenting across Australia. Michael talks through some useful suggestions including:

 1.         Discuss age-appropriately

 2.         Manage yourself first

 3.         Find out what they know

 4.         Keep conversations simple

 5.         Listen to their worries

 6.         Monitor media exposure

 7.         Help kids feel empowered

 8.         Remind kids that people are good

If you want to read what Michael has to say please go to this link: 


Semester 2 Reports

Student reports will be sent home on Wednesday 28th June. Parents are encouraged to read through their child’s report and talk with them about things they are doing well and things they can aim to improve. Parents are welcome to make a time to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss the report.


Newsletter 3 - 2nd June 2017

Languages Other Than English 2018 (LOTE)

This week a discussion thread regarding LOTE was posted onto Connect. Many thanks go to the parents who have already joined the discussion and shared their thoughts and opinions. To assist us in further gathering parents thoughts and opinions a SurveyMonkey has been created. Please go to and complete the survey. The survey will be open until Friday June 9.

School 40 km per hour zones

In 1997 Main Roads WA introduced a new speed zone applicable only to roads located around schools. Today the 40km/h school zones are still in place and are working towards their aim of a reduction in road trauma for school aged children.  The zones are applicable from 7.30am-9am and 2.30pm-4pm on school days and normal speeding penalties apply.


If you do speed you can expect a fine and the loss of demerit points.  Please take care when driving around our school and observe the 40km/h limit for the safety of all children. For more information please contact Main Roads WA on 138 138.

Walking to school

While walking to school is encouraged for school children, here are some hints for parents to follow to ensure your children enjoy a safe trip to and from school every day:

Where possible, walk to school with your children, especially if children are under the age of 10.

  • Arrange for another adult or a group of older friends to walk with your children.
  • Walk your children along the safest route to school and identify hazards and appropriate crossing locations along the way.
  • Walking is not only good for your health but it helps to reduce traffic congestions around our school.

Introducing Our School Board

Survey data collected in 2017 indicated that the community would like to know more about our School Board and its members. For this reason we will be introducing each School Board member to you in our newsletters throughout 2017. The next School Board member I would like to introduce to you is Mike Kelly.

“Hi my name is Mike Kelly. I have two girls at Madeley Primary, with my eldest starting in 2010.  When our family moved to Madeley and enrolled our kids in the school, both my wife and I were keen to be involved in supporting the school.  My wife joined the P&C, so it made sense for me to nominate to join the Board when an opportunity came up, and I’m now in my sixth year.

Since been on the Board I have had the pleasure of working with two dedicated principals and a team of enthusiastic parents, P&C reps, teachers and administration staff, all who have worked to make Madeley a great learning environment for our kids.  As Chair of the Board for a number of years, I have also had the opportunity to work with our other cluster schools including the Secondary College. It’s been a very rewarding experience.”


Newsletter 2 - 19th May 2017

Thanks to our P&C

Our P&C are a very active and important part of the Madeley Primary School community. At last week’s meeting the P&C contributed over $11000 to important activities and events in our school. We thank our P&C and all the parents/community members who support them. Below are the areas that will benefit from P&C funding this year:

  • Play & Learn EA - $4000
  • English/Literacy additional reading resources - $2303.90
  • Year 6 Camp subsidy - $1300
  • World Book Online subscription - $2200
  • PE – trophy engraving - $300
  • Book Week activities - $300
  • Melaleuca Block resource request - $562.87
  • Nature Play/STEM resources - $750

Celebrating Success

Congratulations go to Matthew Carroll who was recently accepted into the Belridge Secondary College Cricket Academy 2018 intake. We wish Matthew all the best as he pursues his passion for cricket.

School Uniform

Our school is very proud of its place within the Madeley community. The wearing of school uniform helps to promote pride and identifies each student as a member of the Madeley Primary School family. We encourage parents to ensure that their child always wears their uniform or the recognised school colours every day.

Reminders About Pick Up Areas

When picking up children in the afternoon, here are a few suggestions for you to help ease traffic congestion around our school.

  • Pre -arrange a pick up place with your children.
  • If possible, arrange to meet your children a little further away from the school.
  • Arrange to meet your child/children 5 to 10 minutes later than school finish time to avoid congestion.
  • If this is not possible, then always attempt to park on the school side of the road to collect your children.
  • Use the Kiss and Drive pick up area – if your child is not there, move through the area and go around the block, or complete a loop around the round-abouts.
  • Otherwise park your car further away and walk into the school ground to meet your children.
  • Always be patient during pick up times so as to avoid accidents and possible injury.
  • Please do not park on or across pathways as it is a dangerous for our children.

Student Council Fundraiser

Our Student Council are holding a ‘Dress as your Favourite Sci-Fi Character’ day on May 25th . Students are asked to dress up and bring a gold coin donation. Funds will go towards supporting our sponsor child (Nazma) who lives in Bangladesh.

Introducing Our School Board

Survey data collected in 2017 indicated that the community would like to know more about our School Board and its members. For this reason we will be introducing each School Board member to you in our newsletters throughout 2017. The next School Board member I would like to introduce to you is Nicole Forrest

 have been a member of the Madeley Primary School Board since 2016 and I have 2 children who attend the school, one in Year 5 and the other in Year 3. Being a school board member is important to me as it allows me to help play a part in shaping the future direction of the school. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with other board members and the community at Madeley Primary School.”


Newsletter 1 - 5th May 2017

NAPLAN Testing

NAPLAN tests are used to measure the educational attainment of students across Australia. They give the school system information about the overall level of student achievement in literacy and numeracy.

NAPLAN testing will occur next week for students in Years 3 and 5. Below is some advice from the NAPLAN website…

“NAPLAN is not a test that children can prepare for in the same way they might prepare for an end of term test. NAPLAN tests skills that develop and improve over time. These are skills that should be continuously developed throughout the year and not just in the lead-up to NAPLAN.

The best way to get your child ready for NAPLAN is to continue to develop literacy and numeracy skills. Your child’s teacher will be able to give you advice on how to help encourage development of these skills at home.”

It is important that students do not become anxious about NAPLAN testing. Students will perform better if they feel relaxed and confident that they can do their best. If children express concern about NAPLAN tests parents can help by reminding them that NAPLAN is only a measurement of their current ability. The test provides a snapshot of where a child is at (one point in the whole learning experience). The main point of the test is to help us know where to focus our teaching so that the very best learning gains take place.

Parents can also help by ensuring students have healthy eating and sleeping routines in the days prior to each test. A good routine and healthy habits will produce relaxed children who can concentrate and do their best. Parents are reminded that students cannot ‘study’ for NAPLAN tests so last minute cramming or tutoring will not produce better results.

More information can be found at

Waste Wise

Our school is in the process of renewing its accreditation as a Waste Wise school. At the end of Term 1 an audit was conducted of school waste. The most significant items that were found (by weight) were:

  • Fruit & vegetable scraps (38%)
  • Food scraps (31%)
  • General rubbish (12%)

The school will be developing strategies to reduce the waste that we generate on a daily basis. We encourage parents to reflect on how student lunches are packaged so as to reduce waste.

Introducing Our School Board

Survey data collected in 2017 indicated that the community would like to know more about our School Board and its members. For this reason we will be introducing each School Board member to you in our newsletters throughout 2017. I would like to start by introducing our newest member – Mark Paulton.

 “Originally a migrant from Malawi but educated in the UK, I then moved to Australia in 2007, and settled in Madeley in 2011.  We have 2 children enrolled at Madeley Primary School since 2015 who are in Year 1 and Kindy. 

Professionally I am a commercial contracts, project and supply manager with significant experience negotiating, implementing and managing large-scale contracts across the oil & gas, mining, civil construction and telecommunications industries in Australia and internationally. I currently work for South32 in Perth, and am also a Western Australian Justice of the Peace. 

In being a member of the Board at Madeley I hope to bring a vision of my experiences of diversity inclusion from my background and also leverage any possible community benefits as an extension of my work as a JP to date. 

Further I hope to contribute my professional expertise to assist in the running of a smooth, cost efficient and forward looking school, with a vision on technology, science and engineering basics to our next generation of minds.”

We welcome Mark to the Board and look forward to his work with us over the next few years.

Involvement in School by Parents and Carers

The following statement can be found on the Department of Education website. We encourage parents and carers to talk with teachers about how you can be actively involved in your child’s schooling.

“You can participate in school life, both formally and informally, through the Parents and Citizens Association, school council, helping in the classroom or volunteering.

Make a special effort to attend your child’s class assemblies, parent-teacher meetings, sports days, open days, musical and other activities. This will help them feel positive about school and be a happy, active participant. When you volunteer you show your child that you care about their school life.

Research shows that when parents are involved with their children’s schooling, it has a positive effect on the child’s performance.

If you are a working parent and feel you have limited time to help or be involved at school, talk to your child’s teacher(s) about ways you could help out. Involve your child in the activity.”

Attached to this newsletter is a publication provided by the Department of Education which outlines the process for talking with our school when you have an enquiry or concern. At Madeley we ask that you talk with your child’s teacher first. If you are still concerned or have not received an answer to your query you should talk with one of our Deputy Principals: Mrs Lainie Beccegato (Kindergarten to Year 2) or Ms Danielle Stitfold (Year 3 to 6). If you are still concerned (after talking with these people) you are welcome to make a time to talk with me.

Talking with my school

Reading at Home

One of the most powerful things you can do to help your child improve academically is to encourage them to read. Reading improves when you do it more often. Please spend time modelling reading to your children and reading with your children. Attached to this newsletter is a fact sheet (especially for parents of Year 1 and 2 students) with more ideas about helping your child become a stronger reader.

Year1&2 Reading Ideas