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Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Students Arriving Early at School

At this week’s mini-assembly I reminded students that they should not be arriving at school before 8.30am as we do not have staff on duty before school. If students do arrive early they are required to sit quietly outside my office until they are released to their classes at 8.30am. This rule applies even if they are waiting with their parent.

Dangerous Driving and Parking

Earlier this week I witnessed a parent in a large 4x4 ute drive at speed through our front car park and then stop to pick up their child at the front entry. Not only is this behaviour dangerous it is also inconsiderate to all the other parents who do the right thing and wait in line at the kiss-and-drive. Parents are reminded that they are not permitted to use the staff car park. We also have a growing number of parents who are parking on the lawn at the front of the school. This area is not for parking and poses a safety risk to students who walk through the area every afternoon.

Mrs Keen is Retiring

Today we said goodbye to Mrs Keen who is retiring from her position as an Education Assistant. Mrs Keen has worked for the Department of Education for 39 years which is a wonderful achievement. We wish Sylvia all the very best for a long and restful retirement.

One to One Program

In 2018 Year 4 students will be able to choose between an iPad or MacBook as part of the One to One Program. We are currently in the process of deciding on recommended device specifications as well as the best supplier for these devices. We will know more about this by the end of term. It is recommended that parents do not purchase devices until the recommended specifications are finalised. Parents may choose to use the supplier recommended by the school or purchase devices elsewhere. Information about this will go home at the start of Term 4.

Open Night

Our Open Night is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 20th September. Classrooms will be open for you to visit between 4.30 and 6.30pm on this night. The purpose of this night is for parents to see what their children have been learning over the year. It is not for individual parent/teacher interviews. Individual meetings can be arranged at a different time by contacting your child’s teacher directly. We look forward to seeing you on our Open Night.

School Board Meeting

Parents who are interested in seeing what happens at a School Board meeting are invited to attend out next one on Wednesday 13th September commencing at 5.30pm in the staffroom.

Introducing Our School Board

Survey data collected last year indicated that the community would like to know more about our School Board and its members. For this reason we have been introducing each School Board member to you in our newsletters throughout 2017. The next School Board member I would like to introduce to you is Paul Wright.

I have 2 boys at Madeley Primary School in Years 1 and 5. I am the Vice President of the school P&C and the P&C representative on the board. Being a part of our School Board enables me to connect with our parent and community body, liaising with them as we work towards the common aim of consistently achieving the very best educational opportunities for our students.

P&C Meeting

Parents are encouraged to get involved with our P&C who do a wonderful job of supporting every student throughout the year. The next P&C Meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th September at 7.30pm in the staffroom.

Fathering Project Handymen

Many thanks go to our Champion Dads and the Fathering Project dads who constructed a kitchen, pegboard and tables for the STEM outdoor play area. These resources will play an important part in outdoor STEM based learning. Nice work guys!


NAPLAN Individual Student Reports

Students in Year 3 and 5 who participated in this year’s NAPLAN testing should have received their individual report this week along with a brochure that explains the report in greater detail. We encourage parents to read through the brochure and the report and to make a time to meet your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Car Park Safety

We have had numerous reports of parents pulling into staff car parks to drop off or pick up students. These areas are out of bounds for all but staff cars. Parents are asked to use the

kiss-n-drive bays at the front of the school when dropping off or picking up their children. It is also important to remember that kiss-n-drive bays are not for parking and should be kept clear as much as possible. Parents who park in these bays create a lot of unnecessary congestion.

2017 Community Surveys

Parent, staff and student feedback that is gathered through our annual surveys provide us with useful information that we use to shape activities, events and the overall direction of our school. This annual survey offers you the opportunity to share your perception and provide us with constructive feedback.

The collated results of the survey are discussed by staff and the School Board. We value what you have to say so please take the time to participate before the closing date (22nd September.) We would really like to get over 75% of our parents/carers completing the survey this year.

To have your say and complete the survey click on this link: and type in the code: Qb5SY8zh

Developing Resilience

Resilience is something that is learnt through experience. Bumps, scrapes, disagreements, failure, conflict and disappointment are where we best learn resilience. As adults we need to learn to support rather than protect children during these life experiences.

Life is full of change which can be very unsettling for some people. Michael Grose in his latest Parenting Ideas post has provided some useful ideas on ‘parenting kids through the challenges of change.’ Click Here 

Introducing Our School Board

Survey data collected last year indicated that the community would like to know more about our School Board and its members. For this reason we have been introducing each School Board member to you in our newsletters throughout 2017. The next School Board member I would like to introduce to you is Siobhan Jones.


My name is Siobhan Jones and I joined the School Board in 2016 as a parent representative. I have 3 children at school, in Kindy, Year 2 and Year 5. I joined the School Board as I believe it is important for parents to have a say in the school’s direction. I believe that a strong partnership between the students, parents and school is crucial. I am also a primary school Music Teacher, working at two other primary schools in the northern suburbs. I am always happy to chat to anyone about any Board related questions. I’m at drop off and pick up most days.



Celebrating some Great Events

This week we have enjoyed three fantastic activities at our school. These included an incursion provided by Water Corp and organised by Mrs Jones, our annual Faction Jumps and Throws organised by Ms Kekula and Book Week activities organised by Mrs Miller. We thank all our staff, students and community for their participation and support of these activities. Well done Madeley!!

Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

NAPLAN Online - Trial of the New Online Assessment Platform

You may have heard that NAPLAN online is being introduced from 2018, with an aim for all schools to be administering NAPLAN online by 2020.

NAPLAN online will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. Your child’s results will be returned to you faster, within a few weeks rather than a couple of months.

Our school has volunteered to undertake a trial to enable us to assess our technical readiness to implement the new online assessments. This trial gives us a chance to try out the new national online assessment platform in a real-life classroom environment. This trial is called the School Readiness Test (SRT).

Over the next two weeks, all students in Years 3 and 5 will participate in a trial of the assessment platform, by undertaking two online readiness tests that include examples of the new NAPLAN online questions. Each test will take about 45 minutes to complete.

Participating in this trial is important as it will help us ensure we have adequate internet connectivity, and whether students have access to sufficient number of devices for NAPLAN Online testing. During the trial, our teachers will have the opportunity to practice managing the classroom logistics for an online assessment and the new test administration processes.

Feedback from schools participating in the trial will inform transition to the online assessment as well as provide valuable feedback to shape the final development of the NAPLAN online platform and administration processes.

The readiness test has not been constructed to assess curriculum knowledge, but rather to provide students with an opportunity to experience the types of questions that will be included in the new online assessments. As such, reports will not be provided.

Participation in this trial is a key step to ensuring a successful NAPLAN online experience. 

Student Safety

Parents are asked to remind their children not to walk/ride/scoot through the school car parks before or after school. We have had some ‘near misses’ reported to us and we want to avoid any of our students being injured. Teachers have also spent time reminding students about staying safe around parked cars and traffic. 

School Disco

We look forward to as many students as possible supporting our P&C at tonight’s Disco.

Please check out the P&C Facebook page for details.

Parents are encouraged to come along although we prefer that high school aged children do not attend unless they have a specific job in assisting the P&C on the night.

Staffing Changes

Mrs Fernandes has obtained employment at another school and has been replaced by Mrs Mackie in the Visual Arts room. We thank Mrs Fernandes for her work and wish her all the best for the future.

Parenting Ideas from Michael Grose

Attached to our newsletter is another interesting article by Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas. This article is on ‘Developing Independence when It Feels Positively Risky.’

Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

Play & Learn Program

Our pre-kindergarten ‘Play & Learn’ program commenced this term for students who will be starting kindergarten in 2018. This is an important transition opportunity for children and also provides their parents with lots of information about how they can support their children to be successful learners. The program is being expertly facilitated by Mrs Clark and Mrs Dunn.

Student Leader’s Day Camp

One way we encourage student voice and build leadership capacity is through our student leadership team which includes our Student Councillors, Faction Captains, Arts Captains and Sustainability Captains. These students will be joining other student leaders from across the Ashdale Cluster at a day camp on August 8th. This is an exciting opportunity for students to interact together and to further develop their leadership skills.

Keeping Our School Safe

It is essential that we are diligent in addressing issues or concerns around safety when and if they occur. If you see something that you think is unsafe please let a member of staff know so that we can assess it and do something about it in a timely manner. This could relate to behaviour or facilities/equipment.

Dog Poo

Not a nice topic but still an ongoing problem on our oval! Please ensure you pick up after your dog if you walk it around our school. We encourage parents to politely remind other community members about caring for our health by cleaning up after their pets when using the oval.


Parents and community members are reminded that they cannot solicit interest or promote activities for a personal  business or activity while on school grounds. If you have a concern about this please see a member of the school administration team.


Our P&C continues to be an important part of the Madeley school community and we encourage every parent to get involved by attending meetings and helping out with activities and events. One very successful event was the ‘Despicable Me3’ Movie Fundraiser which was held during the school holidays. Seventy tickets were sold and a profit of $421 was made through this fundraiser. We appreciate the hard work and effort that so many of our parents put into promoting and supporting Madeley Primary School through activities like this.

The next P&C meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 2nd commencing at 7.30pm in the staffroom. Please come along and join in the fun!

Healthy Schools Information

The Cancer Council of WA provides various resources to schools and the community to promote better health. The latest Healthy Schools newsletter contained a link to an important topic which may interest some members of the community.

“Tips for Talking to Kids about Cancer: Many Western Australians’ lives are touched by cancer, and children may experience a cancer diagnosis themselves, or of a parent, sibling, family member, neighbour, friend, teacher, or someone they are close to.

When someone they know is diagnosed with cancer, a child can have a range of reactions. Cancer Council has some general guidelines that may help to pick up on signs of distress in students and provide age-appropriate support.”

School Board Introductions

This year we have been introducing School Board members to the community through our newsletter. We would like to introduce another one of our staff members who is on the School Board….Mrs Sally Price.

I joined the school board as a teacher/parent representative. I am married with three young children. I have a young daughter in Kindy at Madeley and I teach full time as a Year 4 teacher here. I have been at Madeley Primary since the day it opened. I have Level 3 Teacher status and this is my 18th year with the Education Department. I have also taught in many London schools, I have performed in many roles including Deputy and Principal positions.

The local school board is a critical link to public schools. Whether elected or appointed, school board members serve their communities in several important ways.

  • First and foremost school boards look out for students. Education is not a line item on the school board’s agenda—it is the only item.
  • When making decisions about school programs, school boards incorporate their community’s view of what students should know and be able to do.
  • School boards are accessible to the public and accountable for the performance of their schools.
  • ·         School boards are the education watchdog for their communities, ensuring that students get the best education for the tax dollars spent.


The Australian Government believes that school communities benefit when parent engagement is a key part of school planning and improvement processes. They want local communities to have a greater say about what happens in their schools. Research shows that active and successful involvement of parents in schools makes an important contribution to student success.”