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The Arts – Performing Arts and Community Singing

Performing Arts

Students in Years 1 to 6 receive instruction in Drama from Ms Brenda Kane our Performing Arts specialist teacher. Madeley Primary School also works in partnership with The School of Instrumental Music (SIM). Students who are eligible to participate in the SIM program receive weekly instrumental tutoring.

Students perform in the annual Cluster Muster with instrumental students from  other  cluster schools and at school assemblies.

Community Singing

Community singing is a highlight of  whole school assemblies.  The whole school including parents, students and teachers  share this activity.  Community singing has been described by a parent as a “bonding exercise promoting community spirit and it is so nice to see a new school so connected together”.

The Arts – Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is taught to all students at Madeley Primary School from Pre-primary to Year 6 by Ms Michelle Horrocks our Visual Arts Specialist.

Practical and theoretical skills are taught in the studio areas of:

  • Ceramics
  • Painting,
  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Mixed media

Madeley Primary School values and promotes visual arts education, and recognises that learning skills in creative arts is a necessary tool for a well-rounded education.

Students learn visual literacy by making and responding to 2 and 3 dimensional artworks that communicate ideas and emotions; learning how to view art and recognise elements and principles through historical, social and cultural contexts and by embracing new technologies. Our students also experience visual arts in the community through participating in our annual school exhibition held in Term 3 and Ashdale Cluster Muster; as well as specialised incursions and excursions, community projects and cross-curricular activities.

Madeley also participates in Artist in Residence program operated in conjunction with Curtin and Edith Cowan University; and we often work in conjunction with our local council participating in occasional projects aiming to celebrate local life and culture.

Madeley Primary School provides Visual Arts lessons to Year 1 to Year 6 students.