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Early Childhood

Early Childhood is the period from birth to Year 2.  During this time children are learning what their bodies can do and developing their brain capacity for formal learning.  A great foundation in the early years provides the basis for success as a life-long learner.


We acknowledge that children’s education begins at birth.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and the first 4 years of a child’s life are vital to the development of a healthy and functioning brain.  We recognize that parents have provided a variety of experiences and may have used pre-school programs and specialists to assist in the development of their pre-school child. 

Madeley Primary provides a transition program that includes a “Play and Learn” parent and child Pre-Kindy program in Semester 2, parent meeting and information package, and Kindy orientation morning in Term 4.


Kindergarten programs are planned to provide our youngest students with a strong foundation to their formal education.  Children attend a 5 day fortnight, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and alternate Fridays. 

Staff work closely with children, their families and support services to provide an environment and experiences that help children develop the skills and understandings to learn in a classroom setting.

Pre-Primary, Years 1 and 2

Pre-Primary is the first year of full-time, compulsory schooling. Developing strong literacy and numeracy skills is the focus for these early years at school.  Students are also introduced to the learning areas of Science, Humanities and The Arts. 


Middle Childhood

Middle Childhood is the period from Year 3 to Year 6.  During this time children are developing strengths and interests.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning while being guided by their teachers. 

Years 3 to 6

Literacy and Numeracy skills are developed to assist students in developing their understandings and knowledge in learning areas including Science, Humanities, The Arts and Technology.  Madeley Primary uses a 21st Century learning approach that includes a variety of technologies, collaborative learning strategies and a thinking skills framework.